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Office of International Affairs




2023-2024 International Foundation Program

報名連結registration link

秋季入學(2023年9月入學) Fall semester (Enrolled in September 2023)

報名時間registration time:即日起至7/28截止Now until 7/28。

報名資料Registration documents:報名表registration form、身分證正反面影本ID card copy、畢業證書diploma、高中歷年成績單Transcript、自傳讀書計畫Self-introduction and reading plan、財力證明Proof of financial resources、語言證照Language certificate。

招生科系及名額Enrollment Departments and Quota:

高齡照顧福祉系 Department of Senior Citizen Care and Welfare 40

修業年限:1 年華語先修課程+4 年學士學位課程 Years of Study:1 year of Chinese language foundation program and 4 years of Bachelor degree program

畢業學分:128 學分 Graduation credits: 128 credits

修業年限及課程規劃 / Duration of Study and Curriculum Plan

學年 Academic year

課程 Courses

修業規定 Program requirements

華語課程 Chinese Language Program 2023年 9 月至 2024 年 7 月 September 2023 ~July 2024

華語先修課程 至少 720 小時 Chinese Language program, at least 720 hours in this year.

修業期間須通過華語文能力測驗 TOCFL A2 基礎級 Required to pass TOCFL A2 level before the end of this academic year.

大學部正式課程 Bachelor Degree Program 2024 年 9 月至 2028年 7 月 September 2023 ~ July 2027

4年學士班學位課程 4 years of Bachelor’s Degree program

第 2 年修業期間須通過華語文 能力測驗(TOCFL) B1 進階級 Required to pass TOCFL B1 level before the end of the first academic year of the degree program.



Should there be any confrontations during the process of application, the CKU Admission Committee will handle the matter.


Our school handles overseas enrollment in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education [Foreign Students Studying in Taiwan]. The school only entrusts local institutions to help publicize and promote the school's admissions information, and assist students to complete the necessary procedures for coming to Taiwan. The rest of the admission procedures are directly applied to the school by the students. The school's various enrollment regulations, student scholarship regulations, and entrusted publicity content are all subject to the items stated in the enrollment brochure.


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